The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FTC B&H) is a business association that represents the interests of its members in the institutions of government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as relevant associations abroad, in order to achieve a more favorable business environment, greater and faster opening of new capacities, improving and increasing the competitiveness of domestic products and services in the domestic and foreign markets in the context of market liberalization.

In addition to the above, through the Institute for Education, the FTC B&H has been operating in the field of development and implementation of professional educational programs, with the goal to provide professional training and improve and raise the competencies of employees of B&H companies and representatives of the B&H business community.

The Institute for Education of the FTC B&H develops and promotes entrepreneurship, prepares and implements professional and vocational training programs (seminars, webinars, workshops, schools, informational meetings, conferences, round tables, etc.), connects ideas and knowledge, and creates professional trainings according to wishes, needs and requirements of the B&H economy.

The Institute for Education of the FTC B&H organizes more than 50 trainings a year, with more than 2.000 participants.

Within the Project "EXPO-CERTinno - Support to BH companies in internationalization, certification and innovation", the FTC B&H implemented the "Digital Academy", which aimed to improve the practical knowledge of B&H companies on the application of digital tools and social media in business.

Within the "Digital Academy", the Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina has created the Learning Management System (LMS) as a platform for online trainings, self-study courses and webinars. We hope that this platform will become an inevitable digital tool for all employees of our companies in the process of their professional development and their education.